Clean We install, repair and maintain water wells in remote communities. Partner with us to make a difference View More Water Physical Mercyhands, the health care program of Water for Africa, brings health assistance to local villages View More Health Seed Empowering vulnerable widows and their children by breaking the grips of poverty View More Program Spiritual Living Water For Africa, working with local churches to see long lasting change for the communities who have received safe clean drinking water View More Hope

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Change a Life

Water for Africa Gift Cards

Knowing what to buy friends and family for their birthday or a special occasion can be challenging.

Why not make a gift card donation on their behalf? You’ll not just be giving a beautiful card that will delight, you’ll also be helping empower and transform lives. Impacting whole families and entire communities.

Repair an Abandoned Well 

18 Villages have a broken water well

18 repaired water wells will give approximately 36,000 people clean drinking water.

Help our local water team to repair broken water wells to ensure sustainable clean water for years to come.

Our Causes

Help save lives by donating to one of these causes

Clean Water

We install and maintain new water projects in remote communities because we believe that everybody shoud have access to clean drinking water.

Mercyhands Health

The Healthcare Program of Water for Africa partners with local hospitals and private clinics to bring lasting change and sustainable health care.

Little Seed Program

Little Seed is a program that exists to empower vulnerable widows and their children by providing crop seed to help break the grips of poverty.

Sustainable Farm

Developing an initiative for sustainability has always been a key component at Water for Africa. Our sustainable farm helps support clean water projects.

Impact In 2020

A summary of our impact in the last year


People received clean water


New wells drilled


repaired wells

Impact Since The Start

Impacting so Many Lives

Since the start of Water For Africa 3,044,815 people have received clean drinking water!

Thank you to every one of you who have helped make this happen.

Partner with us today to help impact even more lives.

How Far Would You Walk?

Inspiring Watch – Get a glimpse into our everyday work in Tanzania.

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