Vessels for Water

Ladies Pottery Event with ‘From Dust Studio’

Join us at one of our pottery workshops.

There is a morning sessions available now with limited spaces and an afternoon session will be added once this is full.  

This is a fundraiser event with a portion of the ticket sales going towards giving clean water. 

Time: Morning Session  9am – 12pm 

Location: Darlington Perth WA

Your ticket includes

  • Pottery Workshop Hand-building
  • Saturday, 20th April 2024 – Duration 2.5 hrs
  • Teacher and demonstration included.
  • Clay pottery and tools.
  • Complimentary firing of one pottery piece. * Additional pieces will cost $15 each. 
  • A light refreshment and bottled water will be provided. 

Cost per person is $125

From Dust Studio

“Water For Africa has been close to my heart for many years. I did art on stage when attending a church in America (2018) and I found myself continuing to paint African women with water jars on their head or shoulders. I recalled these moments and how my heart was drawn to the mission of WFA . How deeply they care for the physical needs of humanity as well as their spiritual. What an honour to care and love people in this deeply personal way, being the hands and feet of Jesus. My heart is moved by the work of WFA” – Breanne

Founded by husband and wife duo Cameron & Breanne Lampard, From Dust Studio celebrates community and stories with clay. Breanne is a self taught potter who experienced the joy and cathartic reward of clay when she was in high school art class and then was reunited with clay in 2015. She now incorporates her love for pottery into family life with her two kids and is excited to share the creative journey with others as well as continue to make her own line of ceramics. Her ceramics are functional and have been created in the midst of parenthood and carry much of her journey. She connects with physical representations of movement and repetition as daily reminders to be thoughtful and pray. Being on the potter’s wheel has deepened her understanding of her identity and faith in God.