About Us

Who We Are

Water for Africa is a Christain non-profit organisation working in rural Tanzania.

Our vision is to give clean water, empower widows and assist those suffering as we share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Story

In 2010, Phil Hepworth (Founder of Water for Africa) had a life changing moment which propelled him on a journey when he saw a statistic that ‘one child dies every 15 seconds from water related diseases’. His heart was challenged to do something, so he stepped out in faith…

Learn to practice what is good; Promote Justice. Give the oppressed reason to celebrate. Take up the cause of the orphan. Defend the rights of the widow

Isaiah 1:17

Phil Hepworth

Phil Hepworth


Phil is the visionary with a huge heart for justice. He loves adventure and has a bold passion and evident love for the people he helps.

Julie Hepworth

Julie Hepworth


Julie is a creative ‘innovative thinker’, a go-getter who is willing to step out and see opportunities open up. Her deep love for people is tangible.

Stephen Wilkinson

Stephen Wilkinson

Non-Executive Member

Stephen is a qualified Chartered Accountant with an acute eye for detail and outstanding integrity. He loves God and people.

Joel Hepworth

Non-Executive Member

Joel brings profound wisdom having spent extensive amounts of time in Tanzania with the team. He carries an extensive knowledge of the culture and a pastoral heart for the people.

Matt Jones

Matthew Jones

Non-Executive Member

Matthew is a Chartered Professional Engineer and student of the Australian Graduate School of Management. A strategic planner and forward thinker.

Paul Morrison

Non-Executive Member

Paul brings a wealth of wisdom and knowledge after many years of working within the nonprofit sector. Former Chaplain for the West Coast Eagles.

Steve Fraser

Steve Fraser

Water For Africa Ambasador

Adventurer and photographer Steve lends his photographic skills and passion to see change made in the lives of vulnerable people to Water For Africa's team

Mark & Jodie Fairclough

Water for Africa USA

Mark & Jodie hold a wealth of experience in the business development and management sector. Mark served on the Board of WFA in Australia for several years. They are seasoned pioneers who carry big hearts for justice.

If you live in the USA and want to get involved email: Mark@waterforafrica.com.au

Eliot Petrusma

Water for Africa Tasmania

Eliot is a qualified Plumber by trade from Tasmania. He’s part of the ‘Wine to Water’ committee and has been able to see the work of WFA first hand multiple times in Tanzania. His passion for Gods children is why he supports WFA.

If you live in Tasmania and want to get involved email: eliot@waterforafrica.com.au


Our locally trained teams work each week in the Mufindi District and the Iringa Rural Region in Southern Tanzania. They repair abandoned broken wells and install newly drilled ones, looking after all our projects to ensure clean water flows for years to come. Additional programs include the ‘Sustainable Farm’, ‘Little Seed’, Mercyhands Health and Living Water For Africa.

Hilary Msavas - Water Technician Manager
Nestory Sanga - Tanzanian Operations Manager
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