Clean Water

The Problem

  • 46,000,000 people in Tanzania and Uganda do not have access to clean drinking water. That's the approximately 2 times the population of Australia!
  • Over 4000 children die every year from diarrhoea from drinking contaminated water in Tanzania
  • 70% of households in Tanzania are without clean drinking water
  • Women and children especially girls carry the burden to collect water each day in Tanzania, resulting in walking for many kms, often leaving them in vulnerable situations and not allowing them to attend school to receive an education.

The People

People are the reason. People are the foundation and focus, they are the drive and passion for what we do.

Each individual like you and me has dreams and desires, we each long to have an amazing life full of happiness to be secure and safe. We can talk all the stats and figures, feel sorry for the Tanzania people but at the end of the day while we sit and read this their life continues. They walk for kilometres in search for water and I’m sure along the way they dream of a life outside the search, about family, friends and what’s for lunch…the usual things of life.

We simply believe that no person should have to live without clean drinking water. Each person is beautiful and they should not have to suffer because they don’t have the essentials.

It’s simply unfair…that’s what drives Water for Africa…..Beautiful People.

The Plan

Our aim is to ensure that everybody has access to clean drinking water. We do this by installing and maintaining new water projects in remote communities. What we have observed in Tanzania there are many abandoned broken wells but the local people don’t have the knowledge and resources to fix them. This lead us to set up a sustainable program where we empower, train and employ local people to be the solution to this problem and benefit the community.

What we want to see in the future is this sustainable model duplicated across the nation of Tanzania and beyond.

Our Perspective

We often get asked what motivates the ‘Water for Africa’ team to do what is does. And of course it’s the beautiful people, it’s the mamas, children and men.

What causes someone to believe that a difference can be made?
What is it that makes you look at someone and believe for the impossible?

It is our Faith that gives us this perspective.

We view each individual through what the bible says, that they have a heavenly Father who is madly in love with them and longs for his children to know him. They may live in the furthest corners of the globe and feel forgotten but he knows each person by name.

We are compelled by love to drive, walk and travel to the most remote and isolated people to help give them access to clean drinking water and share this good news.

Nestory Sanga

Nestory Sanga, Water for Africa's In-Country Manager, talks about how Water for Africa came to his village and changed his world, and how he is helping to pass on this blessing to hundreds of others in his country.

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