7 Villages

7 Villages
7 Heartbreaking Stories
7 Opportunities for Change

This is BIG! But we’re stepping forward and going for it! As we look into the faces of 16,000 precious people…They are worth it!

7 New water wells is the goal.

Listening to their stories and struggles is overwhelming, many have been praying for clean water and trusting for years.

On visiting one of the villages, we asked Zahra to show us where she collected water. It was steep, the sun was hot and we walked for approx. 1.5 kms. As we reached the hand-dug watering hole, she pointed and we stood in silence.

She told us “This water disappears in the dry season. Then each morning I start the journey at 5am as it’s far away from my village, this also makes it unsafe. The water I collect is contaminated as it’s shared with the local livestock and makes my children very sick and disease is rife among our community especially Typhoid”.

In these moments what do you say! Which Mother wants to give her children disease filled water.

We simply held her and said ‘Pole Sana Mama’ (so sorry mama) and told her we’d try to help.

It doesn’t matter how many times you see this, it’s simply incomprehensible! Your mind races to thoughts of back home to all we have, that the year is 2023 and when will this injustice end!

Jesus paid a price and made a way so that everyone everywhere can be found, seen and known. His LOVE in us will look like something, we are him with skin on in the earth today.

What would he do? Let’s rally together and help where we can.

Please Note: If you wish to sponsor a complete new well, upon completion we will send you a village update report and some celebration photos.

New wells take approx. 3 months to complete.

Every Drop Counts.

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