Help Fund a Farm Manager

Dear Friends
We wanted to take a moment to let you know about a super exciting new development for Water For Africa – read more…

The Board of Water For Africa are so pleased to announce that beginning February 2024 we have officially appointed Michael Hepworth to the role of Farm Manager of the ‘Tanzania Footprint Sustainable Farming Project.’

As well as taking the opportunity to share this news with our Water For Africa family we also wanted to share with you the why behind the appointment of Michael to this role and to present to you an opportunity to participate in this next phase of development for Water For Africa.

As many of you will be aware some 5 years ago, through your generous donations, Water For Africa was able to purchase 51 acres of land in Tanzania. The vision behind the purchase of this land was to create a sustainable funding source through the farming of avocados and macadamias to enable Water For Africa to provide clean water to the people of Africa for generations to come.

Fast-forward to today and the farm now has 30 acres of avocados and 10 acres of macadamia trees. It has also become a beautiful thriving community giving locals employment which in turn impacts precious families. This past year saw us bring in our first harvest of avocados. While only a small harvest we know it truly is just the first fruits of what the farm can produce.

And this is where Michael comes in. Currently the farm has been overseen by the amazing Nestory who has done a brilliant job helping to get the farm established. However, the load of overseeing the farm as well as overseeing the drilling of wells is simply too much for one person, especially if the farm is to reach its potential and achieve its vision. This is why the Board has agreed that the next step is to appointment of a Farm Manager whose main role will be to steward and develop what has now been established. Alongside identifying, training and equipping a local Tanzanian farm manager.

To be able to appoint Michael to this role is such a blessing. As Phil and Julie’s son, Michael is intimately acquainted with the workings of Water For Africa and he carries the same burden for the mission of Water For Africa that his parents do. Also, over the years, each member of the Board has had the privilege of being with Michael on the ground in Tanzania. This has enabled us to see firsthand his character, his capabilities, and his capacity to be able to fulfill this role and make the move to a permanent living arrangement in Tanzania (which is no small thing!). Finally, on top of all of this, Michael also carries a passion for sustainable farming.

In so many ways the appointment of Michael to this role is a beautiful fit which is why we are so excited to share this news with you. We would also love it if you would consider giving financially so that we are able to send and establish Michael in this role. We are affectionately calling this request “Help Fund a Farm Manager”

To give into this project is to make an investment into the very good soil that is the Farm and thereby helping to ensure that the realisation of the vision of the Farm in becoming a source of sustainable income for Water For Africa long into the future. To financially contribute to this project is also to make an investment in the next generation – the next generation of Water For Africa and the next generation of those who are willing to go and love and serve those who need it most.

We would ask that you would please pray for Michael and consider sowing a seed.

Our goal is to see Michael financially covered for the next 12 months which means we are aiming to raise $65,000 to cover a salary for Michael and other costs such as flights.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible in Australia.

With love & thanks

The Water For Africa Board