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God’s Underdog


Unstoppable faith, a heart for justice, their personal journey and story of Water for Africa written by Co Founders Phil & Julie Hepworth

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In 2010, Phil Hepworth (Founder of Water for Africa) had a life changing moment which propelled him on a journey when he saw a statistic that ‘one child dies every 15 seconds from water related diseases’. His heart was challenged to do something, so he stepped out in faith when an incredible opportunity presented itself before him to enrol in a drilling course through Living Water International Texas, USA, where he obtained a Shallow Water Drilling Certificate.

After obtaining his certificate, he connected with a dedicated man called Lance Whyle who was working on the ground in Tanzania helping provide clean water. After his first trip, Phil offered to help serve him as a volunteer each time he went to Africa. They worked alongside each other for the next 3 years until the season came for Lance to retire and Phil was presented with the opportunity to ‘Take up the Baton’…. 2013 saw the birth of Water for Africa.

Since then he has travelled 3-4 times each year to Tanzania, often accompanied by his wife and a team of volunteers to bring safe clean water to the beautiful people.

Water is just the beginning! We are compelled by love to see lives transformed, purpose and identity found and people to know that they are loved beyond measure and not forgotten.

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