“Vessels for water” Pottery Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions
Firing Pottery
The firing process will take a minimum of 7 weeks. This process includes transportation, drying out clay, bisque firing, glazing in white glaze and then for its final glaze firing. Pottery will be packaged and ready for your pick up. All guests (pottery workshop attendance) will be notified via text or email when items are ready for pickup with location details.
Pottery Breakage
The nature of pottery is unpredictable and Pottery pieces may not make it in one piece due to the high firing temperatures and the fragile state of pottery. While I take the utmost care to ensure your beautiful pottery is returned to you in its best condition they may crack or damage, It is not guaranteed that you will get your creation back. Your Pottery will not be refunded. The only situation your pottery would be refunded is if the pottery was damaged due to mishandling. In this situation you will be contacted and we will offer you a full refund for the firing fee.